17 Mag 2018 News

Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-fondatore di DreamWorks, ha “raccolto” 800 milioni di dollari di finanziamento per la sua video startup NewTV. Tra i finanziatori Warner, Fox e Disney.

DreamWorks co-founder/Hollywood mover-and-shaker Jeffrey Katzenberg has reportedly snagged $800 million in financing to create high-end content for his video startup NewTV. People with knowledge of the matter have told Bloomberg that most of that production effort will be focussed on short-term fare. However, even though the shows will each only be a few minutes long (and no more than 15), the cost for each series will rival that of a full-length Netflix series at about $5 million to $6 million per hour, the sources said.

“Jeffrey wants to take what Apple and Netflix and HBO are doing, and translate it into 10-minute-or-less shows,” said Rich Greenfield, an analyst at BTIG, told the outlet. “I’m not saying it will work or won’t work. The reality is — until we actually see it — it’s hard to know.”

Among the investors are 21st Century Fox and Warner Bros, the sources said, adding that these two together account for about a quarter of the overall investment. The rest comes from institutional investors.

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